250 MS-Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

250 MS-Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
Main Category Shortcut key Description
Dialog Box Alt+F8 Macro dialog box
Dialog Box Alt+’ To open format style dialog box
Dialog Box Ctrl+1 Format cells dialog box
Dialog Box Shift+Ctrl+F+F To open the Font tab in Format cells dialog box
Dialog Box Ctrl+Alt+V To displays the “Paste Special” dialog box
Dialog Box Ctrl+T To display the Create Table dialog box
Dialog Box Ctrl+Shift+F To display the Format cells dialog box
Dialog Box Esc Cancel the Command and close dialog box
Entering Data Ctrl+shift+: To insert current time
Entering Data Ctrl+’ Fill the above formula in down
Entering Data Ctrl+: To insert current time
Entering Data Ctrl+; To insert current date
Entering Data Ctrl+R To fill the right
Entering Data Ctrl+Y To redo the last action
Entering Data Ctrl+Delete To delete to end of word
File Shift+F11 To insert new worksheet
File Shift+F12 To save the file
File Ctrl+F12 To open the file
File Ctrl+Shift+F12 To give the print
File Alt+Shift+F2 To save the file
File Ctrl+P To print the file
File Ctrl+S To save the file
File Ctrl W To close the file
File F12 To Save as the file
File Ctrl+F2 To print the file
File Page Up Go to page up
File Page Down Go to page down
File Left Arrow Go to left
File Right Arrow Go to right
File Up Arrow Go to up
File Down Arrow Go to down
File Tab Indent
File Enter Go to new line
Format Ctrl+X To cut the value
Format Ctrl+Shift+~ To convert into general format
Format Ctrl+Shift+# To convert into date format
Format Ctrl+Shift+$ To convert into currency format
Format Ctrl+Shift+% To convert into percent format
Format Ctrl+Shift+^ To convert into expontential format
Format Ctrl++ To insert the row
Format Ctrl+- To delete the row
Format Ctrl+2 To make font  Bold
Format Ctrl+3 To make font  Italic
Format Ctrl+4 To underline the Font
Format Ctrl+6 To show/hide objects the View
Format Alt+Enter To Start the new line in same cell
Format Shift+Ctrl+F To open the Font tab in Format cells dialog box
Format Shift+Ctrl+P To open the Font tab in Format cells dialog box
Format Ctrl+B To make font Bold
Format Ctrl+U To underline the font
Format Ctrl+V To paste the data
Format Ctrl+Shift+! To comma format
Format Shift+F2 To edit cell comment
Format Ctrl+I To make the font Italic
Format Ctrl + Shift + 1 To format number in comma format.
Format Ctrl + Shift + 4 To format number in currency format.
Format Ctrl + Shift + 3 To format number in date format.
Format Ctrl + Shift + 5 To format number in percentage format.
Format Ctrl + Shift + 6 To format number in scientific format.
Format Ctrl + Shift + 2 To format number in time format.
Formulas F4 To repeat the last action
Formulas Ctrl+Alt+F9 To calculate the worksheet in all open workbook
Formulas Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F9 To rechecks dependent formula
Formulas Ctrl+F3 To define the name
Formulas Ctrl+Shift+F3 To create the names in row and column
Formulas Alt+= Sum Function
Formulas Ctrl+` To display formula
Formulas Ctrl+Shift+A To insert the argument names into formula
Formulas Ctrl+’ To copy formula from cell above
Formulas F3 To paste name into formula
Formulas F9 To evaluate the part of formula
Formulas Shift+F3 To paste function into formula
Formulas Ctrl+Shift+F2 To go to last position
Formulas Ctrl+Shift+F8 To step out
Formulas Ctrl+Shift+F9 To clear all breakpoints
Formulas Ctrl+Shift+Enter To Enter the Formula as an Array formula
Formulas Ctrl+Shift+U Toggle Expand or Collapse formula bar
General Alt+Down arrow To display Auto complete list
General Ctrl+8 To toggle outline symbols
General Alt or F10 To activate menubar
General Ctrl+K To add the hyperlink
General Ctrl+Z To undo the last action
General F11 To create the Chart
General Shift Hold down shift for additional functions
General Shift+F4 To find next
General Shift+F5 Find the value
General Alt+F1 To insert chart
General F1 To open Excel help
General F5 To open ‘Go To’ dialog box
General F7 To open spell checker dialog box
General F10 To activate menubar
General Shift+F7 To view object
General Shift+F8 To add selection
General Shift+F9 Quick watch
General Shift+F10 To Show right click menu
General Ctrl+F4 To close the window
General Ctrl+F10 To activate menubar
General Alt+F4 To close VBA
General Alt+F6 To switch between last 2 windows
General Alt+F11 To open VBE
General Alt+Spacebar Go to system menu
General Alt+BackSpace To undo the last action
General Ctrl+E To Export module
General Ctrl+G Display ‘Go to Dialog” box
General Ctrl+H Replace the value
General Ctrl+J List Properties/Methods
General Ctrl+L Show Call Stack
General Ctrl+Tab Go to cycle windows
General Ctrl+Shift+I To Edit Parameter Info
General Ctrl+Shift+J To Edit List Constants
General Ctrl+F1 To display or hide the ribbons
General Alt+Shift+Right Arrow To Group Rows or Columns
General Alt+Shift+Right Arrow Ungroup Rows or Columns
General Ctrl+Shift+L To Add/Remove the filter
Hot Keys Alt+O+C+A To Adjust Column Width to Fit the Content
Hot Keys Alt+O+C+W To Adjust Column Width to Specific Value
Hot Keys Alt+O+R+A To Adjust Row Height to Fit the Content
Hot Keys Alt+O+R+E To Adjust Row Height to Specific Value
Hot Keys Alt+D+P To Open Pivot Table wizard
Hot Keys Alt+H, AL Align Left
Hot Keys Alt+H, AR Align Right
Hot Keys Alt+H- AC Align Cight
Hot Keys Alt+H, AT Align Top
Hot Keys Alt+H, AM Align Middle
Hot Keys Alt+H- AB Align Bottom
Hot Keys Alt+H, W To wrap the text
Hot Keys Alt+H, H Highlight Cell (change cell backgroudn color)
Hot Keys Alt+H, FC Font Color
Hot Keys Alt+H, FS Font Size
Hot Keys Alt+H, MM Merge Cells – Merge
Hot Keys Alt+H, MU Merge Cells – Unmerge
Hot Keys Alt+H, MC Merge Cells – Merge and Center
Hot Keys Alt+H, MA Merge Cells – Merge Across
Hot Keys Alt+H, M To merge the text
Hot Keys Alt+H, FF To change the font style
Hot Keys Alt+H, FS To change the font size
Hot Keys Alt+H, FP Fomat painter
Hot Keys Alt+Y, R To record macro
Hot Keys Al+M, N To Open dialog box of Name Manager
Hot Keys Alt+A,VV To open Data Validation dialog box
Hot Keys Alt+N,V To insert the Pivot Table
Hot Keys Alt+N,T To insert the Table
Hot Keys Alt+N, C To insert Column chart
Hot Keys Alt+N, B To insert Bar chart
Hot Keys Alt+N, O To insert Stock, Surface and Radar chart
Hot Keys Alt+N, N To insert Line Chart
Hot Keys Alt+N, A11 To insert Area Chart
Hot Keys Alt+N, SD To insert Combo Chart
Hot Keys Alt+N, Q To insert Pie Chart
Hot Keys Alt+N, D To insert Scatter Chart
Hot Keys Alt+F, N To open new worksheet
Hot Keys Alt+F, O To open the file
Hot Keys Alt+F, S To save the file
Hot Keys Alt+F, A To Save as the file
Hot Keys Alt+F, H To share the file
Hot Keys Alt+F, E To export the file
Hot Keys Alt+F, C To close the file
Hot Keys Alt+F, D To check the account
Hot Keys Alt+F, T To open the Excel options
Navigate Ctrl+F7 To move window
Navigate Ctrl+Shift+_ To remove the outline border around selected cell
Navigate Ctrl+5 To apply/remove strike through formatting
Navigate Shift+F6 To move previous pane
Navigate F6 To move next pane
Navigate Home Move to beginning of line
Navigate End Move to end of line
Navigate Shift+Left Arrow Extend selection left side
Navigate Shift+Right Arrow Extend selection right side
Navigate Shift+Up Arrow Extend selection up side
Navigate Shift+Down Arrow Extend selection down side
Navigate Shift+Tab Outdent
Navigate Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Key Extend the selection of cells to the last nonblank cell in the same column or row as the active cell.
Navigate Alt+Tab Move to cycle applications
Navigate Ctrl+Home Top Of Module
Navigate Ctrl+End End Of Module
Navigate Ctrl+Page Up Go to top of current procedure in another sheet
Navigate Ctrl+Page Down Go to top of current procedure in another sheet
Navigate Ctrl+Left Arrow Move one word to left
Navigate Ctrl+Right Arrow Move one word to right
Navigate Ctrl+Up Arrow Go to up till the blank cell
Navigate Ctrl+Down Arrow Go to down till the blank cell
Navigate Shift+Enter Enter to Move up
Selection Ctrl+Shift+& To place the outline border around selected cell
Selection Ctrl+Shift+* To insert current time
Selection Ctrl+9 To hide rows
Selection Ctrl+0 To hide columns
Selection Ctrl+Shift+( To unhide rows
Selection Ctrl+Shift+) To unhide columns
Selection Ctrl+Enter To fill the selected cell range with the current entry
Selection Shift+Spacebar To select the entire row
Selection CTRL+/ To select the array containing the active cell.
Selection CTRL+SHIFT+O To select all cells that contain comments.
Selection CTRL+\ To select the cells that don’t match the formula
Selection CTRL+SHIFT+| To select the cells that don’t match the formula
Selection CTRL+[ To select cells directly referenced by formulas in the selection.
Selection CTRL+SHIFT+{ To select cells directly/indirectly referenced by formulas
Selection CTRL+] To select cells contain formulas directly reference the selection
Selection CTRL+SHIFT+} To select cells directly/indirectly referenced by formulas
Selection ALT+; To select the visible cells in the current selection.
Selection SHIFT+BACKSPACE To select only active cell
Selection CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR To select the entire worksheet
Selection Ctrl+Alt+L To reapply the filter and sort on the current range
Selection Ctrl+C To copy the selected values
Selection Ctrl+D To fill down
Selection Ctrl+” To fill down
Selection F2 To edit active cell
Selection F8 To extend selection mode
Selection Insert Toggle insert mode
Selection Delete To delete the selected values
Selection BackSpace To delete previous entry
Selection Shift+Insert To paste the data
Selection Shift+Home Select from start of line
Selection Shift+End Select till end of line
Selection Shift+Page Up Select to top of module
Selection Shift+Page Down Select to end of module
Selection Ctrl+A To select all data without blanks
Selection Ctrl+F Find the value
Selection Ctrl+Insert To copy the selected values
Selection Ctrl+Spacebar Select the complete row
Selection Ctrl+BackSpace Go to delete to start of word
Selection Shift+Delete To cut the selection
Selection Ctrl+Shift+Arrow key To select the data from first active cell to last active cell
Window Keys WK To start the menu
Window Keys WK+R Run dialog box
Window Keys WK+M Minimize all
Window Keys Shift+WK+M Undo minimize all
Window Keys WK+F1 To help
Window Keys WK+E To open Window Explorer
Window Keys WK+F To find files or folder
Window Keys WK+D To minimize all open windows and display the desktop
Window Keys Ctrl+WK+F To Find Computer
Window Keys Ctrl+WK+Tab To Quick launch toolbar
Window Keys WK+Tab Cycle through taskbar buttons
Window Keys WK+L To log off windows
Window Keys WK+P To start print manager
Window Keys WK+C To open Control Panel
Window Keys WK+V To start Clipboard
Window Keys WK+K To open keyboard properties dialog box
Window Keys WK+I To open mouse properties dialog box
Window Keys WK+A To start accessibility options
Workbook Ctrl+F5 XL, Restore window size
Workbook Ctrl+F6 Next workbook window
Workbook Shift+Ctrl+F6 Previous workbook window
Workbook Ctrl+F9 To minimize workbook
Workbook Ctrl+F11 To open VBE
Workbook Ctrl+Shift+F6 For Previous Window
Workbook Alt+Shift+F1 To open new worksheet
Workbook Ctrl+O To open workbook
Workbook Shift+Ctrl+Tab To activate previous workbook
Workbook Ctrl+N To create new workook